What are your plans for the end of the world tomorrow?

With all of the impending doom and deathstruction and the unspeakably gruesome pain and suffering that will be upon us on the 21st, do you have plans for living out your last few remaining hours of existence?


  1. thecheshirekitteh answered: to listen to the real mayans/maya who still exist…& will tomorrow
  2. inkedgirls answered: 2 minutes left
  3. k--z-n answered: i got my sandwich board ready, im going to town
  4. catladysparadise answered: Already lived through it in Japan
  5. chinneths answered: clean house.. make teriyaki and wasabi pretzels for presents
  6. fallingstarsofspaceandtime answered: Yoga.
  7. nastradinxogja answered: IT IS NOT THE END OF THE WORLD! spaceinperspective should know this! I don’t have enough characters to explain, join the meditation to unders
  8. deathrayglare answered: looting
  9. andwidenedeyes answered: it’s the first day of my vacation so right now i couldn’t care less about doomsday i’m going to relaxx for once
  10. psychohippie answered: I’m having a small get together, we might watch a disaster movie
  11. ilux answered: i’ll be out with my girlfriend C:
  12. inkbottle answered: going skiing for the first time in 12 years. got nothing to loose!
  13. tsandarapark answered: Hope that me, my family, people that i love, given the best place after the world end.
  14. old-man-windbreaker answered: It’s already the 21st where I am. I’m just waiting for the solstice time though - nothing particularly special.
  15. felo-dese answered: probably just tumblrin’
  16. citronrobotlord answered: it’s the end of the world today dude. lol.
  17. curruptinkedup answered: My birthday was yesterday! So I plan on getting drunk with my bestfriends. :D
  18. driedfluidsofamore answered: I plan to continue lying to my lover. I’ll die never telling him I love him.
  19. creativelybored answered: I for one look forward to our new alien overlords.
  20. carmillas answered: grab a towel, go to school, and hope for the best although that would mean me hoping for the world to end whoop
  21. neverendingshenanigans5 answered: Working… Maybe? Haha
  22. sleepinthedirt answered: take acid in the form of gummy worms :)
  23. coranax reblogged this from spaceinperspective and added:
    Work from 6am until 4pm.
  24. mrsarcasm answered: Going to a concert with my girlfriend. We’re seeing the first band we saw together. Being all romantic for the end of the world.
  25. 5millionthcoffee answered: there’s nothing happening here in Australia
  26. mrthickens answered: It depends, what time zone does the end of the world follow?
  27. gonadsdonuts answered: our university has a city-wide party so
  28. boobytrapzap answered: beef ramen
  29. aftershavecongo answered: I have a date!
  30. deercorpse answered: a lot of sex.
  31. shiadelcampo answered: go working! :D
  32. heart-full-of-bs answered: i’m having a party c:
  33. vallesmarineris answered: saving the world
  34. aintitso answered: Gotta say, It’s a pretty nice breezy afternoon for an apocalypse…
  35. happywerewolf answered: Might go the entire day inebriated just in case.
  36. invaderxan answered: I plan on posting lots of silly crap on tumblr tagged with Doomsday. :P
  37. handbloggin answered: I’m going to make a nice hot pot of tea and sit down with a good book.
  38. rawnaldgregoryerickson answered: blogging
  39. electronic-galaxy answered: i am working….
  40. saralucia answered: Eat sushi ;)
  41. twelve-shades-of-grey answered: Get rich or die Mayan party downtown Minneapolis MN
  42. threedoge answered: It’s already the 21st here and I just turned 19. Good enough to go out with booze and video games and loads of greetings if you ask me.

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